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If you purchased a license for the paid version (Full) of OneClick! Installer 3, please enter in the License Key field below the whole code which can be found in your license.key file. You can open the license.key file with Windows Notepad or any other text editor. In case of installation problems (drivers, applications or Windows updates), please specify the operating system you are using, and the URL from which you downloaded the software.

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Q: What platforms are supported by OneClick! Installer 3?
A: OneClick! Installer 3 is supported only on Windows OS.

Q: My anti-virus software says that OneClick! Installer 3 is infected. What can I do?
A: When opening OneClick! Installer 3 or installing your software, your anti-virus software may classify OneClick! Installer 3 as a possible threat. This is absolutely a false positive. If your anti-virus software prevents the download or installation of OneClick! Installer 3 you may have to temporarily disable the auto-scan before running it.

Q: Can I burn OneClick! Installer 3 on an optical disk (CD, DVD, etc.)?
A: Copies of OneClick! Installer 3 burnt on optical disks will not work properly. In order to have perfectly working copies, it is advisable to copy the software packages onto either USB memory devices or external hard disks. Depending on the number and size of the software packages you want to install, check if the external device you are using has enough free memory to copy (and, if necessary, extract) all the software packages to be installed.

Q: OneClick! Installer 3 does not work with some programs. What can I do?
A: First of all, check whether the programs to install are present in the Software List of OneClick! Installer 3. If they are, it may be necessary to download the programs again from official sources and keep their original file names. For example, the name given to the application 7-Zip 9.20 by its producer is 7z920.exe. If that has been renamed, OneClick! Installer 3 will not be able to recognize it as supported software and will not start its installation. Secondly, make sure that all the downloaded software is in the standalone/offline version.

Q: Why has OneClick! Installer 3 not blocked the installation of an application toolbar?
A: Using obsolete applications, it is possible that OneClick! Installer 3 does not support the blocking of toolbars anymore. It is thus advisable to use the software latest versions. However, this issue may also occur with newly released applications. In that case, just wait for the next automatic update of OneClick! Installer 3, or contact Seizent technical support.

Q: Can I use OneClick! Installer 3 to update drivers and applications already installed in my computer?
A: Yes, you can. Anyway, it is advisable to use OneClick! Installer 3 only after uninstalling obsolete software and restarting the system.

Q: When I start the program I get a “license not found or invalid” message. Why?
A: In order to run, OneClick! Installer 3 requires that the license.key file must be in the same directory as the program and must not be altered in any way.

Q: When I start the program I get a “license expired” message. Why?
A: The license of OneClick! Installer 3 (Full) starts on the date of activation and ends either on the license expiry date (1 year later) or after 3,000 installation sessions. Once one of the two limits has been reached, the license expires and a new license must be purchased.