An application. One click. One million optimizations for Windows 10. Now you can!

Do you want to extend the life of an old PC or make your new one even faster? Is using the Start menu chaotic and not very snappy due to the numerous built-in apps? Does telemetry undermine your privacy? Thanks to OneClick! Optimizer all this and more will no longer be a problem. With a single application and a single click you can in fact optimize every single Windows 10 setting making it better in every way: speed, stability, usability, and security. Finally, through the exclusive profiles, you will have the ability to configure the system in an even more attractive way, satisfying your every need.

Main Features

  OneClick! Optimizer (Standard) OneClick! Optimizer (Pro)
  Speeding up and Optimizing Performance
  Uninstalling Built-In Apps
  Usability Improvement
  Optimal Configuration of Privacy Options
  Automatic Updates
  Priority Customer Support
  Business Mode
  Gaming Mode
  Expert Mode (Use of the Profiles)  

Operating Modes

Business Mode

The ideal optimization for most types of use.

Gaming Mode

The ideal optimization for a real pro gamer PC.

Expert Mode

The solution to all your needs thanks to the profiles.

Optimization List

Optimization List shows the system optimizations made by OneClick! Optimizer.

• OneClick! Optimizer (Standard/Pro) – Optimization List


OneClick! Optimizer is available for download and can be used after purchasing a license. Download it now.

  OneClick! Optimizer (Standard/Pro)

Supported OS: Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Language: English
Release date: 2020/03/15

• OneClick! Optimizer – Profiles


Buy the Standard or Pro version of OneClick! Optimizer now. A single license will allow you to take full advantage of the program for 1 year.